trindie tv


To increase opportunity and inclusion for people of color in all forms of media including film, television, and editorials using OTT/streaming technology.


Trindie TV is a multi-platform distribution company that specifically caters to filmmakers and show-runners of color. It is a multidimensional network that hosts movies, music videos, and news.

By targeting a smaller niche audience, we can afford to not rely upon complicated algorithms (hindering artists from being seen from new users).



Study by Nielsen reported African-American households lead TV viewership among all the races.


audience measurement software company Tru Optik reported that African-American homes in particular were 30% more likely to consume OTT than any other demographic. Also reported by Tru Optik was the significant growth in OTT entertainment, 300% year-over-year.


Nielsen reports 73% of whites and 67% of Hispanics believe that African- Americans influence mainstream culture. It was also reported that out of 10 of the most popular shows featuring Blacks in lead roles, 8 of them had more viewership from non-Black viewers than Black viewers.


40 million viewers expected to “Cut the Chord”


$5+ Billion

Expected in Advertising Sales on Connected TVs in 2020

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